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Mind and Spirit Through Holistic Detoxification

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What is Holistic Detoxification?

You have the ability to be who you truly are when the toxicity that shrouds your thinking is addressed. Furthermore, if the Mind and Body are detoxified then the spiritual aspect will increase at an exponential rate. Living true to you requires addressing patterns that keep you stuck and clearing filters used to convince yourself of alternate truths. Clearing these blocks addresses subconscious habits that keeps you in an unhealthy holding pattern.


Education on principles and programs that follow those principles.

Nutrition Education

Holistic nourishment to feed body/mind/spirit.

Targeted Supplements

Nutraceuticals for temporary acute conditions and long term adjuncts to fill in nutritional gaps.


Gentle direction on reaching homeostasis.

There are only TWO causes of dis-ease!

An overload of what shouldn't be there and not enough of what should.

You're not "sick"

You're poisoned.


One on one coaching

Group coaching and support calls.

Vetted supports

Individualized and group programs

My Favorite Products

Nano Sized Premium Zeolites within the most effective particle range size for maximum chelation of heavy metals and other forever chemicals.

Brain entrainment for stress and brain function

Patented 100% absorbable ionic minerals & supplements

Complete ancient nutrition. A unique blend of 2 phytoplankton strains with patented technology.

Raw organic green coffee for optimal liver/gall bladder cleansing enemas

Fermented enzymes based on chinese medicine to cleanse and nourish all body systems.

Drinking water structuring device for energized coherent water


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"Ive been in the fitness industry for many years from competitive bodybuilding and powerlifting to yoga.There is a lot of information out there that is helpful but also harmful if you're given the wrong information. Teri has been an amazing asset with her wealth of a wide range of information in the health industry and has helped me immensely. I strongly recommend that you tap into her knowledge to help you with the challenges life throws at you." - FJ

"Teri is awesome! I'm still digesting all the knowledge she poured into us in the six week class she taught. I'm amazed with her compassion and wisdom that she so freely shared! I wish she could bottle up her drive and sell it! I'd be first in line!" - Christina

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