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You don't have a weight problem, you have a weight "symptom".

Everyone wants someone or something to blame, eh? What we have is cause and effect confusion.

Let’s get it said right away. Every woman who is dissatisfied with her extra pounds hates the “skinny bitch”.

Nano pollution

Nanometer pollution meets the nanometer solution

June 17, 20234 min read

Why all the fuss about toxicity?

Tests worldwide confirm the recent exponential increase in 100’s of 1000’s of man made pollutants rampant in our ecosystem. Worse yet, we now live in a world of nano meter sized pollution, capable of intracellular poisoning. Never before have our bodies been host to such bioavailable toxic elements invading us at a molecular level. 

nano pollution

This unprecedented toxic environment affects our body and mind. Heavy metals, pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, mycotoxins and more are not only affecting the natural functions of our physical bodies but also blocking our internal communications and connection with our energy body. What seems to be a very big player in this decline in vitality is INTRA and INTER cellular heavy metals. These “forever chemicals”, situated deep inside us, causing a displacement of natural minerals mandatory for proper functioning, were once thought to be incapable of release, especially safely. That has changed, as I will explain. 

Drinking organic green juices or adding herbs such as cilantro to your diet or in tincture form are good regular practices. Yet, these strategies don’t provide adequate deep-tissue detoxification because either they cannot get everywhere that water can or are incapable of properly binding to specific toxins. As for binders, clays have been used for centuries by cultures understanding their importance. In fact, if you’re not eating clay you are not following the wisdom that ancient diets model. While these clays prevented foreign materials from doing damage or overworking the liver they didn’t get deep into tissues. And, admittedly didn’t need to. They are essentially only working within the first barrier system, the gut, which is actually not inside our body yet. As noted above, today we have a different situation with thousands of toxic materials getting past that barrier into every tissue traditional clays cannot reach. 

The king of binders is natural Clinoptilolite Zeolite. And while powdered zeolites have been available for years they don’t get past the gut wall. Additionally, zeolite must be properly prepared to be effective, since its very action is adsorbing positively charged particles. If it is full already there is no action left in the body to do.  

Now, there is a carefully crafted far superior formula providing the perfect environment to introduce zeolite anywhere water can go, very likely entering the cell membrane where those "forever chemicals" and other poisons take up residence. Water is life and since we are 99% structured water we want the best cleanup crew possible able to traverse all areas. Not only does this formula’s wide range of nano sized zeolite allow binding of a wide range of positively charged material but it is ushered away WHILE filling that gap with 96 well balanced sea minerals. This is because it's in a base of pristine living sea water. In case you didn’t know, marine water is a near perfect match for blood plasma, holding 96 of the 102 organic minerals we need to thrive. This structured, dense, plankton marine plasma is the perfect medium for zeolites amazing ability to grab toxins. The results of this formula on physical, cognitive and emotional health is very impressive. 

In case you are not aware how important that process called cation (cat-eon) exchange just explained is, heres a short synopsis. In a mineral deficient system (which we all have) toxic metals will get into the enzyme binding sites and the heavier metal will always displace the nutrient mineral wreaking havoc as the toxic metal now is trying to do the job of the nutrient mineral. The toxic metals alter the PH affecting the charge and the activation of nutrients, resulting in a deficiency which creates symptoms. And you thought you just needed to take more magnesium ( or iodine or anything else, for that matter) to actually GET magnesium!


"Master Peace" by Human Consciousness Support is the best evidence based nano sized binder ever created. Yet, the cost has been kept lower than other brands while the quality, as shown by all forms of analysis, is superior. Here's some geeky data for those that like that kind of thing. It has 5-12 times more Clinoptilolite Zeolite than other brands usually without deficiency or overload symptoms due to the highly available sea minerals. The size range of particles is up to 300 nanometers which is perfect to grab various toxins. It scores 600 on the Hawkins Level of Consciousness chart as a food and nutritional supplement, has a very high absorption rate due to being wrapped in structured, dense, plankton marine plasma and is charged and encoded. If ever there was a zeolite product worth the investment, it's now.

To buy the product: copy then paste this link into the "affiliate link only" field when you get onto the website:

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To order, you also need to set up an account, as I have, and you will get your own code in the event you share the information with anyone you know. The formulator is committed to rewarding those of mankind not advertising companies.

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