About Me

I am a Holistic Detoxification & Nutrition Coach certified in Eating Psychology, Media producer, and 25 year Language Communications Professional. My Holistic Health Certification comes from The Institute for the Psychology of Eating with world renowned Marc David, which put the red ribbon on what I was already doing. It mostly taught me HOW to work with clients. My vast knowledge of holistic health comes from 25 years of research and experience. Yet, as an Eating Psychology Coach I can look at the "WHO" in a persons eating habits, not just the what, why and how. This is actually the driving factor in what choices you make, and once discovered and cleared, magic happens.

While holistic detoxification is the current driving content of my website and practice focus, this is supported with guiding clients to incorporate both basic and targeted health practices with an emphasis on the psychology of what holds them in patterns that no longer serve them. My practice is holistic in nature in that I consider, and am trained to look at, "whole systems". I do not operate with the "what can I take for that" mentality. I help you dig deep at your pace and I will never guide you to useless supplements or modalities that act as medications and distractions from the real work that needs to be done. Because of my vast background in the Natural Hygiene approach, I teach there are only 2 root causes of dis-ease or lack of homeostasis: toxicity and lack of life force. The first affecting the second. My practice centers on getting out of the way of healing by clearing toxic matter on a physical, mental and spirit level. We work on physical detoxification while addressing the very important piece of toxic and limiting beliefs. Both of these areas affect a person's spiritual connection, thus completing what I call the 3 pillars. Targeted and timed nutrition on all those levels is just as important. 

Symptoms are the body's language. Are you listening? Or are you medicating them, even with "natural" therapies? The body ALWAYS does the right thing given the circumstances, there's nothing "wrong" with it once you understand it's mechanisms. Root causes of dis-ease or a presentation of symptoms is ALWAYS due to toxicity (body/mind/spirit) and lack of life force (body/mind/spirit). Clean the body/mind/spirit first, otherwise you will chase symptoms with needless herbs, oils, tinctures, modalities etc. Clear out the blockages by cleansing and improved holistic health follows. Targeted supplements, nutrition fit for YOU, daily movement and lifestyle changes support that goal and are used as tools only to fill in nutritional gaps in our food supply, to temporarily support your healing and to give your body what it was designed to have.

I've had a drive all my life culminating in amassing a large amount of knowledge and experience in the areas of holistic health, mainly for my own well being and reversal of dis-ease. My recent brand and website is a reflection of decades of work to understand why people get dis-eased and what principles need to be applied to reverse that and product options to support a persons journey.  I'm one of the most dedicated people out there who walks their talk, I live what I teach. I’ve dedicated years of study and experimentation to cut through the propaganda of what true health involves.

LiveTru is a brand born out of a lifelong struggle to dig deep into who I was while shedding filters that stood in the way of living true to myself. Being an avid reader and intellectually driven I unknowingly set my intention early on to find truth on life’s mysteries. This led me down varied and usually painful paths always coming out wiser on the other side. From not believing in Santa Claus by age 5 (and smart enough to keep that to myself!) to understanding in my 20’s (circa 1990) that the current medical system was way out of its lane, I seemed to have an awareness, or perhaps willingness, to put pieces together quicker than most. Clearing my body, mind and psyche of what didn’t belong or have my best interests has been integral to strong integrity. And my work continues.

I remain a student yet am poised to be a teacher to those that are ready to gift me with sharing their journey.

“The way you do food is the way you do life”. There is a definite link between our relationship with food and our relationship with the world! To delve into this, sometimes primary, relationship and uncover treasures is fuel for growth. It’s cutting edge stuff that will be second nature to our sensibilities in time as more folks become aware of the correlations.

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My Book

Unapologetically Me

Imagine a life as a young child where being vulnerable, as every child naturally is, puts your well being at risk at a deep personal level. Would you continue to be vulnerable? Or would you think of creative ways to protect yourself? Naturally, you try to protect yourself. It's a matter of survival. This tell-all Memoir will resonate with anyone who has endured family dysfunction to the tune of narcissistic parents, small town cover-ups, neglect and sexual abuse...