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Where Common Law meets Inner Work

When it comes to law, everyone in the ‘awakening’ community is doing one of two things:

they’re either learning everything they can find on ‘common law’, or they’re focusing on their ‘inner work’.

Problem is you don’t really get anywhere doing either of these on their own (apart from either adding to your karma trying to figure the unfigurable, or getting stuck in a loop)

It takes both.

Without inner work, a study of common law has you fighting the wrong enemy, and moves your life toward the things you’re trying to avoid.

Without law common to i, inner work becomes either an endless and unnecessary cycling through the same shadows, or it does nothing but rearranging the facade.

With inner work, a study of common law become a study of your law common to i… and everything makes sense.

With law common to i, inner work has an outlet – right lawfully aligned action allows emotional healing and growth to become integrated… lived… real.

They are the yin and yang.

The marriage of inner and outer is a practical path to resolve controversy, bring forth remedy and come to peace… everywhere.

But it’s the marriage of the REAL inner work and the REAL law common to i – without any of the inverted nonsenses masquerading as ‘inner work’ or ‘common law'.

It’s the most simple direct path home brothers and sisters

And it’s waiting for you whenever you feel called.

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Marine Superfood


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Structured Water

Aǹalemma is a revolutionary tool that powerfully enhances the properties, quality and the effects of drinking water by transforming it into a coherent, liquid crystalline state.

Green Raw Coffee

Green coffee contains all the beneficial compounds that are destroyed once it's roasted. It's also highest in caffeine and Palmitic acid which is most effective for liver and gall bladder cleansing via coffee enemas. Additionally, it can be drank instead of or with roasted coffee for a unique therapeutic effect. Use code "LIVETRU" for 10% off!

Ion Biome

Gut tight junction barriers can be degraded with exposure to gluten, glyphosate and other environmental insults. ION* has been scientifically shown to promote the strengthening of this barrier through redox signaling, strengthening the cellular integrity of your gut, sinuses and skin. Keeping your cells connected keeps these barriers intact, which sets the stage (or "terrain") for seamless interaction between you and your microbiome.

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