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You don't have a weight problem, you have a weight "symptom".

Everyone wants someone or something to blame, eh? What we have is cause and effect confusion.

Let’s get it said right away. Every woman who is dissatisfied with her extra pounds hates the “skinny bitch”.

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The most important maintenance on your body is this

December 08, 20233 min read

Maybe your kidney problems are really this!

Every house and appliance requires some form of maintenance or repair work from time to time; otherwise, it can’t carry out the purpose for which it was designed. The same principle applies to the liver. No other organ in the body besides the brain is as complex and has as many vital functions as the liver. We clean our teeth and wash our skin every day because we know that exposure to food, air, chemicals, and normal metabolic processes tends to leave residues that can make us feel unclean and uncomfortable. Not many people, however, think that the same principle of cleaning also applies to the inner parts of the body. The lungs, skin, intestines, kidneys, and liver deal with a tremendous amount of internally produced waste, which is a necessary by-product of breathing, digestion, and metabolism.

8 Reasons

Under normal circumstances, the body can properly deal with the metabolic waste by eliminating it safely from the system. These normal circumstances include:

  • eating nutritious foods

  • living in a pollution-free environment

  • having plenty of physical movement and joy in your life.

Yet, how many of us can claim to live such fulfilling lives? What happens when our diet, lifestyle, and environment are no longer healthy enough to suit the body’s requirements to reach homeostasis? One of the organs that suffers the most from toxic chemicals, poor quality food and lack of exercise is the liver. Therefore, it is of utmost importance to ensure it is cleansed.

Gallstones develop in the liver and gallbladder when the liver is overburdened, which reduces the amount of bile that the liver can produce. Thus, it becomes impossible to digest food properly. Much of the undigested food begins to ferment and putrefy, leaving toxic waste matter in the blood and lymph. Additionally, gallstones disrupt the lymph and circulatory system, including the urinary system. kidneys become overburdened and can no longer maintain normal fluid and electrolyte balances in the body. In addition, urinary components may form into crystals and stones of various types and sizes. These are called kidney stones.

When the gallstones are removed, the urinary system has a chance to recuperate and maintain fluid balance and normal blood pressure. The liver flush is one of the most invaluable and effective methods to regain your health. There are no risks involved if you follow all the directions to the letter. However, it would be short sighted to believe that just expelling the stones from the liver and gallbladder was sufficient. The body must be able to expel the wastes so the avenues for elimination must be open and functioning. A colon cleanse is suggested before and after a liver flush. This can be colon hydrotherapy such as at home high enemas or clearing the digestive tract with diet changes and effective colon cleansing supplements. Doing a green coffee enema immediately proceeding a flush is a great way to clear out any remaining debris, take advantage of open bile ducts and increase your glutathione by 600%. 

See here for high quality organic green coffee and my blog about this practice and why green coffee is optimal. And stay tuned for yet more on liver flushing and basic liver health. Cause we ain’t done!

See my discussion below with a Traditional Chinese Medicine Doctor on why the liver needs to be cleansed.

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