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You don't have a weight problem, you have a weight "symptom".

Everyone wants someone or something to blame, eh? What we have is cause and effect confusion.

Let’s get it said right away. Every woman who is dissatisfied with her extra pounds hates the “skinny bitch”.

breathing difficulties

Your lung problems could be coming from THIS

November 07, 20234 min read

"Allopathy has yet to be forced to admit that natural methods to assist the body in healing have worked for millions throughout the ages. It begs the question; Then why are you relying on it?" - Teri Lynn

How do you breathe?

Our entire lives are dictated by how our body performs its functions. Our persona, the way we carry ourselves, our interactions with other people, our moods, cravings and tolerance levels, and our reactions to life’s occurrences—all are strongly influenced by the condition of our nervous system. If we are in constant pain, have low energy, gut distress or can’t relax it will color everything we do. Since we are constantly affected by exposure to a variety of conditions that wreak havoc on our bodies we do well to mitigate the damage as much as possible.

8 Reasons

The other organ that may hold the answer to getting a full breath.

Although the liver flush is not a cure for diseases, (There is no such thing. The body cures) it sets the precondition for the body to heal itself. In fact, it is rare for an ailment not to improve by increasing liver performance. Cleansing the liver is not something that was invented recently. Ancient civilizations knew of the necessity to keep the liver clean. Plenty of useful cleansing formulas still exist that were handed down through the generations, either by ancestral education or by traditional healers. Although the exact mechanisms of these time-tested cleansing procedures were not as well understood then as they are today, they are no less valid and effective than any newly proven therapy. Allopathy has yet to be forced to admit that natural methods to assist the body in healing have worked for millions throughout the ages. It begs the question - Then why are you relying on it? You may not fully grasp that allopathy doesn't actually WANT healing. If you are astute enough to understand this and are willing to take full responsibility for your own health, then read on.

Let’s focus on just one common area that is affected by poor liver function. Gallstones in the liver can impair respiratory functions and cause allergies, disorders of the nose and nasal cavities, and diseases of the bronchi and lungs. When gallstones distort or injure the lobules of the liver, the blood-cleansing ability of the liver, small intestine and lymphatic system diminishes. Waste material and toxic substances, normally rendered harmless by these organs and systems, now begin to seep into the heart and respiratory passages. Lymph congestion in the abdominal region hampers proper lymphatic drainage from the respiratory organs. Many respiratory ailments occur because of such lymph blockages.

Respiratory complications also arise when handfuls of gallstones accumulated in the liver bile ducts lead to liver enlargement. The liver, situated in the upper abdominal cavity, spans almost the entire width of the body! Its upper and anterior surfaces are smooth and shaped to fit under the surface of the diaphragm. When enlarged, the liver obstructs the movement of the diaphragm and prevents the lungs from extending to their normal capacity during inhalation. By contrast, a smooth, healthy liver permits the lungs to easily extend into the abdominal region, which puts pressure on the abdomen and squeezes the lymph and blood vessels to force lymph and blood toward the heart. This breathing mechanism is often called “belly breathing,” and it can be seen in healthy babies. Watch them as they sleep and you will see this perfect breathing pattern.

The restricted uptake of oxygen then negatively affects cellular functions throughout the body. Most people in the industrialized world have an enlarged liver, especially those who are overweight or obese. What doctors generally consider a “normal- sized” liver is actually oversize. Go figure, a DOCTOR being wrong..fascinating. Once all gallstones are removed through a series of liver flushes, the liver can gradually return to its original size. Almost all diseases of the lungs, bronchi, and upper respiratory passages are either caused or worsened by gallstones in the liver and can be improved or eliminated by removing these stones through liver cleansing. 

Wait! Dont leave me hanging!

LOL don't worry. Stay tuned for more blogs about flushing out that good 'ol liver of yours and the different protocols to use, when to use them, the cheapest to the most expensive, the least effective to the most effective and liver supportive tools that can be used daily. I've done them all so I've done the dirty work, so to speak. I have the deets. Till then, take a browse through my YouTube videos for more Liver Flushing videos if you're ready for more. You can start with the short one above : )

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