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You don't have a weight problem, you have a weight "symptom".

Everyone wants someone or something to blame, eh? What we have is cause and effect confusion.

Let’s get it said right away. Every woman who is dissatisfied with her extra pounds hates the “skinny bitch”.

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10 Week Fall Group Coaching Intensive

August 08, 20232 min read

Group Intensive

10 Week Group Intensive

If you are ready to take your mind-body-psyche to a healthier more integrated level, this 10 week intensive promises to support you. If you want to dig down into the real causes of dis-ease and are ready to accept more responsibility for the outcomes in your life; physical, emotional and spiritual, this is for you. 

Would you like to be in a more balanced, healthy state before the holiday season? 

Stacey attended the last LiveTru Live Group session, receiving personalized attention along with wisdom on drilling down to the deeper causes of her present state. She was exposed to practical tools such as targeted cleanses, diet upgrades and specific supplementation. She answered the call to release fears and habits that no longer served her, chose her path forward and released 30 lbs in 3 months while reversing a severe gut imbalance and it’s symptoms that were causing her distress. Her path to even greater health continues!

30 LB weight release!

I offer a unique skillset with a Health Coaching Certification in Holistic Nutrition and Eating Psychology coupled with 25 years of experience/research into supplementation, nutraceuticals, energy medicine, diet modalities, brain entrainment, cleanses, detoxification, self responsibility and more. I do not operate under the “what can I/you take for that” model. Health is about releasing what doesn’t serve you and intentionally replacing that with or leaving a healthy space for what does. 

It’s simple in theory. And that’s where we start.

I offer an approach of getting out of the way so your body can heal itself…for only IT can. Nothing you “take” can heal you. There ARE tools for support, however, to be used wisely. I teach procuring the right high quality and effective tools, including DIY, saving you the experimental phase of wasting time or using things that could potentially do more harm than good. 

This is a casual atmosphere where we define within where we are and want to go. This is for those that are or want to become more active participants in their healing path and are eager to apply new ideas. 

When:  Tuesdays/Sep 12 - Nov 14

Time:  4pm EST - 6pm EST        Cost: $100

Register at:

Email with any questions

Participants will have access to each recorded session for review or in the case of any missed weeks. 

See below for Stacey's story from a clip of Live Tru Live

Teri Lynn

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